Tulisa Contostavlos Trial Reveals Hearsay that Simon Cowell is Gay

London, England – The real news is 26-year-old singer Tulisa Contostavlos of the rap group N-Dubz is on trial for dealing drugs. The state has a strong case against her which is why the matter has gone to trial. Quite likely the plea bargains offered to the entitlement minded Contostavlos required prison time which is why she’s taking her chances in before a jury of her peers. During the trial, a clandestine recording made between an undercover journalist and the manager of Ms. Contostavlos was played before the court. The recording provided proof of Ms. Contostavlos’ drug dealings which were offered to the reporter. However, during the interview the subject of X-Factor producer & lead judge Simon Cowell’s homosexuality arose.

Gareth Varey, manager for Ms. Contostavlos, is homosexual. During the interview, he confirmed that Simon Cowell is “family”. When asked if Varey has engaged in physical congress with the powerful media mogul, he stated that he had not, but it was because he had not yet put the charm on Cowell. That said, Varey said he knows of other gay men that have known Cowell, in the Biblical sense of the word. Now, all this testimony is hearsay as the recording did not involve Cowell at any time.

Rumors have circulated in regards to Cowell’s homosexuality for years. He has both denied the attraction to men and any need to hide his sexual orientation. He does have a point as nowadays being gay is socially acceptable in the western culture. Cowell has even said he own mother would not be bothered at all if he were gay. For what it’s worth, Cowell, age 54, became a father earlier this year after Lauren Silverman, his 37-year-old lover, gave birth to their child. While many gay men have been in heterosexual relationships and fathered children, it does suggest that Cowell is straight.

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