Prince Andrew rejects relationship with Epstein scandal

Prince Andrew of Great Britain rejected the insinuations that have come out again that he could have been involved in the alleged sexual crimes of financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was his friend.

Andres said through a statement released by Buckingham Palace that he “has been horrified by the latest reports on the alleged crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. His highness deplores the exploitation of anyone and the insinuation that he would condone, participate or encourage such behavior is abominable.”

The statement was released after the Sunday Mail obtained a video from December 6, 2010 that shows Andres inside Epstein’s house in New York saying goodbye to a young girl. The video was recorded after 2008, when Epstein was found guilty of a charge of soliciting prostitution linked to a minor.

Epstein, 66, killed himself on August 11th while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking conspiracy.

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