Nick Cannon Says He Bedded Kim Kardashian

Nick Cannon, the 33-year-old rapper and husband to singer Mariah Carey, appeared to open his mouth and let out his ignorance. Cannon married the older Mariah Carey, age 45, back in 2008. He is currently a host on the reality TV show “America’s Got Talent”, but this week he let his relative lack of maturity show. Generally, a gentlemen does not speak of his intimate exploits in public, but the San Diego native showed that he is no gentleman.

Speaking before the microphone for local radio station Power 106, he spoke of his experience with sexual intercourse starting with the age at which he lost his virginity. During the interview, he mentioned that he had a tryst with sociality Kim Kardashian. For Cannon’s sake, this better have not been news to his wife and he had better hope she is comfortable with his public discussion of it. He may have thought it fun and games, but Kardashian herself is engaged to be married to rapper Kanye West. It is unclear if West is aware of the intimate encounter his fiancée shared with Cannon. In the past, Kardashian has claimed that she never has intercourse with a person unless they are enjoying a relationship together. Given that no one is aware of any such dynamic between Cannon and Kardashian, it would suggest she was just behaving promiscuously.

To add further insult to injury, Cannon followed up to the radio hosts surprise by saying that knowledge of his encounter with Kardashian was unknown because of the sheer number of other sexual partners she has had since that time. He certainly painted Kardashian to be a “skank” regardless of whether that was his intention. Later, he attempted to exalt his wife calling her a “real” woman. However, it isn’t just how a man treats his wife that matters, but how he treats all women.

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