Mother Rescues Her Toddler from the Jaws of a Pit Bull by Biting It

Alvin, Texas – A pit bull learned what many others ornery people have learned the hard way: don’t mess with Texas. A local mom saw her two-year-old daughter being attacked at the jaws of a pit bull which breed is known for its powerful jaws. The dog, which belonged to the mother’s boyfriend, was known to be friendly, but in a strange turn of events on March 31, it attacked her daughter Mackenzie Camp. That’s when the mother, Chelsi Camp, sprang into action with her maternal instincts. The beautiful young mother was no physical match against the dog, but she overpowered it with sheer heart and will.

Ultimately, she was able to push her fist inside the mouth of the dog getting it to release her daughter whose head was locked inside the death bite of the animal. How did she manage that? She bit the dog’s ear off beating the animal at its own game. Mrs. Camp believes that what set the dog off was that it picked up on the scent of her own dog on little Mackenzie. Just prior to the attack, the dog was politely sniffing the little girl and then flipped into an attack.

Just because she freed her daughter didn’t mean they were safe. The animal was still ferocious and remained ominously close to mother and daughter who were backed into a corner of the bathroom. They remained there until police officers arrived. They dropped the dog using their side arms. It was later put to death. The little girl suffered a number of wounds to her head and face as a result, but she is expected to recover. In typical childlike innocence, she was photographed smiling widely through the multiple contusions on her head. Her mother suffered lacerations and contusions on her arm, but is simply grateful for the gift of life.

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