Most Popular Dog Breeds

With the Westminster Dog Show under wraps as of last week, the American Kennel Club has released a list of the <a href=””>most popular dog’s breeds</a> in the United States. It is no surprise that the classic Labrador retriever got the top spot among popular dog breeds in America, as they have been a staple amongst American families forever and seems to go hand in hand with the picture of the American dream, with a family behind a white picket fence.
English Bulldogs are clearly starting to gain traction in the United States and are gaining popularity, as they have slipped into the top ten spots, while the Dachshund dropped out of the top ten. German Sheppard’s and the Golden Retriever took the second and third spots respectively, and they have consistently been among the most popular dogs in the United States for hundreds of years. The Bulldog and Beagle took the fourth and fifth spots, and really showed that Americans truly like a large dog. The first small dog on the list came in at the sixth spot, with the Yorkshire terrier being hands down the most favorite smaller dog in man’s best friend’s popularity contest.
The Poodle, Boxer and Rottweiler took the remaining spots on the list, showcasing the fact that Americans truly like a dog with more meat on their bones and more size to them. The United States is known to be full of people who love dogs and consider a canine to be just another member of the family. Without a doubt having a dog in the family is a great thing and it just goes to show that Americans would not be Americans if it weren’t for the loving dogs that they care so much about. Next year maybe we can see some additional smaller dogs making it onto the list, but either way having man’s best friend is a must.

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