Monica Lewinsky Reveals She was Hurt by “Orange is the New Black” Reference to Her

Monica Lewinsky has moved on with her life and is increasingly taking command of her image at age 41. Her sense of independence is evident in her opinion essays she has submitted at Vanity Fair’s online site and it shows in her countenance. Despite being in her forties, she remains young looking. Sadly, many people still choose remember her as the 24-year-old intern who had an extramarital affair with sitting President Bill Clinton. While the latter remained popular with American female voters despite his predatory proclivities, Lewinsky became synonymous with derogatory terms like bimbo and skank.

The writers for the successful Netflix original content series “Orange is the New Black” made a reference to her during the eleventh episode of season one. In the episode entitled “”Tall Men with Feelings”, inmate Daya is urged to perform fellatio Lewinsky-style on a corrections officer by the nickname “Pornstache” and get his proverbial seed on her clothes. Ms. Lewinsky recalled how she watched the episode and cringed when she heard the insensitive remark about her in the show. She admits she felt a sense of shame as her past was once again exploited.

Now, Ms. Lewinsky has embraced the practice of the online rebuttal to counter what people say about her and reclaim the narrative on her life. Increasingly, she takes the opinion that it is not only about her taking back control of her own life and building up her sense of dignity, but it is about also lending her voice to a growing number of people who are fighting back against personal attacks. She cites the fact that with social networking, a person no longer has to ride out a negative wave of criticism, but can actually mount an articulate rebuttal. Lewinsky’s explanations are thorough and intelligent. Then again, it’s to be expected. She has a master’s degree in psychology from the London School of Economics.

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