Loaded Handgun Found in Local Target Store

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Last week, an employee of the local Target retail store on 1150 Seaboard Street found a real handgun in the toy section of the store. Upon finding the gun, it appeared as if it might be a toy someone had been thinking of shoplifting because there was an open wrapper in close proximity to the weapon. As it turns out, the gun was real and it was loaded with ammunition. It is not clear if the safety was set on the gun. The gun was in a playskool toy box in open view of passersby. Obviously, one can imagine what tragedy might have resulted had a child found the gun and attempted to play with it.

The Myrtle Beach Police were involved and have made public the image of a man believed to have handled the gun and possibly left it at the premise. Police Captain David Knipes says that no charges have been filed and they want the suspect in the picture to show up for some questions. It should be noted that Miranda Rights are in effect 24×7 for every person. However, Miranda Rights only need to be read to a person who is being arrested. With that in mind, when police ask someone to come down to the station and answer questions, they are actually asking them to waive their right to an attorney and make statements that can and will be used against them in a court of law. In other words, the gun dropping perp better show up with a lawyer. It is reported that the man behaved suspiciously at the Target store.

Police also ran down the gun registration and it belongs to a woman by the name of Chavonne Tere Moore. They have since found her and are presumably questioning her about the gun. She had not reported it as being stolen.

Source material:
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