Kerfluffle over doctored Canadarm2 Picture

The Canadian Space Agency was somewhat embarrassed when Kenneth Cukier, the data editor of The Economist, pointed out that there was <a href=”″>something wrong</a> with the picture of the Canadarm2 on their Tumblr account. Specifically, the Canada logo had been slapped onto the arm where it shouldn’t have been. The Canada logo was on the side of the arm facing away from the camera in the original, but in the doctored photo, it was facing the camera. The doctored picture was also on the Economic Action Plan and Citizenship and Immigration website’s “Discover Canada” page. It has been removed from Tumblr and the government websites since, and the “Discover Canada” page now has a picture of the aurora borealis instead. The spokeswoman for Canada Space Agency, Maya Eyssen, said that the stirring photo was meant to be on a poster at an internal event in 2006 and should never have been public. She said it was a mistake and she isn’t sure how the photo got on Tumblr.
This has not prevented Liberal<a href=””> MP Kevin Lamoureux</a> from submitting a written demand. He wants to know who doctored the photo and who ordered them doctored. He then wants to know when the picture was removed from Tumblr, who directed their removal, and why they were removed. The government has 45 days to respond.
The photo is of an event that took place in 2005. NASA astronaut Stephen Robinson took a spacewalk with the Canadarm2, which is a giant, white robotic arm. You can see the Earth beneath him as he floats out on a white leash. The<a href=”″> Canadarm</a> has been in operation since 1981. It went on 90 missions, and NASA only retired it in 2011. It now has a place in the Ottawa Museum of History. There was a pretty good reason to have it on a celebratory poster at an internal event.

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