Is Google Down? Gmail, YouTube, Drive and Play Store inaccessible for an hour

Since half past twelve, almost all of Google’s services have been down. Youtube, Google Drive and even Gmail are unavailable. At the moment, only the search engine is functioning correctly. The Mountain View firm has not yet communicated on the subject. (Update)

Update December 14 at 2:52 p.m. Everything is finally back to normal! Google’s services have in fact again been accessible for about 14 hours. The blackout will therefore have lasted a little over an hour. Google has confirmed the return to normal but has not given the reasons for this incident. It is therefore again possible to consult your emails, read your files on your Drive or find your way around Google Maps. The break is over!

Original article:

General alert! When Google is down, the whole world slows down. Since that day (December 14) around half past twelve, almost all of the American giant’s services are no longer available.

It is therefore impossible to play a video on Youtube, to access your Google Drive, or even to read your emails on Gmail. It is also not possible to access the PlayStore on Android. The only thing that still works well is the search engine. It’s already that.

A global blackout

It seems that the home automation services Nest and Home are also affected. A failure that affects everyone and all continents. At the time of this writing, Google has not given a reason for this outage, but according to Down Detector, it is still relevant.

We must therefore do without Google until further notice. There is no doubt that this failure will be resolved very quickly , in the course of the afternoon, but for the moment, it is difficult to work without the tools of the American firm. This mishap also puts us face to face with our dependence on Google and its services.

A great excuse to play Cyberpunk 2077 instead of working, right?

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