Girl Gets Slapped in the Face by a Whale’s Tail

A group of students were on a whale watch off the coast of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. It was a good day for seeing whales. All of the students were busy watching the whale as it swam right along side of the boat. One student, identified only as Chelsea, was watching with the others when the mammal’s huge 10 foot tail came up out of the water. As the students looked on, and several were taking video, the tail slapped Chelsea in the face. She was almost knocked overboard.
Luckily for Chelsea, she was not injured during her ordeal. She was even able to laugh about it later.
After the incident occurred, the student who was taping it posted it on YouTube. The video shows the whale hitting the girl in the head. After, it is shown again in slow motion so that the whale can clearly be seen striking the girl. The description of the YouTube clip reads “We went whale watching on the Baja this weekend, and unfortunately, Chelsea got smacked in the head by a whale’s tail. Luckily she was fine – and we got it on video”.
The YouTube video is called “Girl Gets Slapped By a Whale”, and was posted by Jordyn R. Since it was posted on YouTube, the video has been viewed 1,585,615 times. Many viewers have commented on the video, most finding it hilarious. One viewer stated, “whale high five”. Another viewer, in favor of the whale, stated “Whales are very intelligent. If it wanted to kill them it could’ve but the animal here wasn’t trying to hurt them at all”. She continues on by saying, “Also, there’s nothing wrong with whale watching. It’s a good source of income for the local economy and the animals are not harmed or caused distress by it”.
At the end of the day, Chelsea was safe and millions of people got a good laugh.

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