Ferrari Driver Picks the Wrong Venue to Test F430’s Speed Capability

Surrey, British Columbia – On April 19, a 49-year-old man was just getting a feel for what his 2005 Ferrari F430 is capable of doing. The F430 by design is meant to be driven fast and can reach a maximum speed of just under 311 km/h (~193 mph). So in one respect, he can hardly be faulted for driving the sports car at 180 km/h (~112 mph) as that speed is a little better than half of what the car can handle. Had he been on the German Autobahn, this would absolutely be a non-story. However, going down 176 Street and 32 Avenue in this metropolis of 468,000 people is quite a different story. At the speed he was clocked flying at, he was a full 100 km/h over the posted speed limit.

Naturally, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police took notice of the car and pulled him over. What shocked them was the fact that he had his own child in the car with him. It should be noted that the intersection he shot through is one where a family of five tragically lost their lives last year when they took a red light and careened into another vehicle. The RCMPs were further put off when they asked the driver if he knew about the intersection’s dubious history to which they found he was. For his speed inquisitive mind, he will have to pony up $483 loos and go without the use of the car for one week. For his part, the RCMP stated that both pulling him over and discussing the matter proceeded without incident. As per RCMP Cpl. Robert McDonald, he cannot fathom why a driver would subject his own child to such dangerous driving. It is interesting how a location can change perspective. On the Autobahn, the driver could have pushed the F430 to its full limit with his son in the car and it would not have raised any red flags.

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