Fake Orgasm Study in Women Reveals Self-Gratification A Motive

When the subject of women faking orgasms has been brought up in films, it usually has been in the same vein as aptly illustrated by Meg Ryan in the 1989 film “When Harry Met Sally”. In that film, Meg Ryan’s character said women do it to stoke their partner’s ego. Alternatively, the subject was also brought up in an episode of “Sex and the City” by Kim Cattrall’s character as a means of checking the hubris of her partner. As it turns out there is merit to each motive and the reasons for faking an orgasm fall into four distinct reasons. At least, that is what a study published in the “Journal of Sexual Archives” is saying.

For the study, 481 female undergraduates were surveyed regarding the subject of faking orgasms and the study found that women fake orgasms:

<li> Out of concern for their partner’s self-confidence is what for what are termed “Altruistic Reasons” </li>
<li> Out of personal insecurity to side-step problems in the relationship in what is termed “Insecure Avoidance” </li>
<li> Out of a desire to boost their own sexual experience in what is termed “Elevated Arousal” </li>
<li> Out of a need to appear sexually healthy in what is termed “Fear of Dysfunction” </li>

What stands out is that faking an orgasm may be a healthy means to leading to climax for a woman. It is already known that the sexually climax of a woman can greatly increase the experience and performance of her partner. During sexual intercourse, a woman may initially fake her orgasm such that it can in turn actually lead to one. The authors of the study hope to promote better sexual and couples therapy through a better understanding of the female sexual desire. The study found that women in committed relationships tended to fake orgasm less than those who were not.

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