Denver, the first American city to legalize hallucinogenic mushrooms?

More than 8,000 citizens of Denver have signed a petition for the legalization of these products, which could have certain medical virtues. The proposal could be debated in May.

Denver could become the first American city to legalize hallucinogenic mushrooms, reports Business Insider. The possession of psilocybin, the active agent present in these products, is currently prohibited by law. But this could change since a campaign for the legalization of mushrooms has gathered enough signatures for the proposal to be put to the vote in the municipal elections to be held in May.

More than 8,000 people approved the measure, which required 4,279 signatures, said Kevin Matthews, Denver’s campaign manager for psilocybin. The city’s election office now has 25 days to verify the legitimacy of signatures.

According to recent studies, psilocybin may help reduce the anxiety of people with cancer and could be used as a treatment for anxiety, depression and alcoholism.

Currently in the United States, hallucinogenic mushrooms are classified in Schedule I in drug planning, which is drugs that do not have a medicinal benefit, such as marijuana.

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