Cute Mugshot Girl Gets Busted Again – Her Mugshot is Not So Cute Anymore

Raleigh, North Carolina – A lot has happened in the months since Alysa Bathrick first posted her mugshot in Twitter. Back in 2014, the 17-year-old was so sweet looking the photograph could have been included in a high school yearbook or even a traditional college face book. Now, the 18-year-old has been arrested again for shoplifting, but the image of her isn’t quite so sweet and innocent looking. She appears to be shedding her girly innocence in favor of a hardened delinquency or look of sheer insolence. That said, you probably can’t tell that to Ms. Bathrick. She has acquired a taste for the attention her mugshots get. In her first picture, she boasted to friends that she turned herself in voluntarily at 7:00AM and was released from jail after 4.5 hours.

This past December, well-wishers were so enthralled with her cute mugshot they were offering to contribute to her bail bond. The result was that she and her friends felt empowered or perhaps more accurately stated, enabled. She considers the attention to be a blessing. In her most recent mugshot, she takes pride in the transformation occurring in her countenance. She likens it unto a veil being removed from her visage. She actually expressed the belief that she is finding purpose in life. While it is unclear how getting arrested for shop lifting is anything other than a ticket to nowhere, she finds some measure of amusement in the process.

Last week, she posted a picture of her flashing the proverbial “bird”. She said it was how she felt about making phone calls out of the county detention center in an attempt to post bail. It is quite unclear what Ms. Bathrick’s endgame is at this point. Nor is it clear whether she has realized the consequences of her actions will only get more severe the older she gets.

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