Halloween is the one time of year where you can dress as crazily as you want thanks to the abundance of costume ideas. Whoever, it is always so hard thinking up an idea when you are on a budget or you have little time. Luckily, there are some easy costume ideas you can throw together at the last miniature with a little bit of creativity.

<strong>Pop Art Babe</strong>

The Pop Art costume is easy to do because all you need is some face paint or non-toxic acrylics. Google pop art to find inspiration for your look to copy. You will need to use black to outline your features and to add expressions. Next, you will draw dots over your face to give it a cartoon like quality. All you have to do is add a wig and a cute outfit. This is an easy and inexpensive way to dress up for hallow ween without blowing your budget.

<strong>The Classic Sheet Ghost</strong>

This might be a little dull, but it will actually garner you plenty of attention. The classic sheet ghost can be created with a simple flat bed sheet. Cut two holes for eyes, slip it over your head, and voila! You are now a sheet ghost. You can do different variations like a hipster ghost by adding a fuzzy beard and skinny jeans. However, the classic look is just as funny. People will be guessing who you are all night long thanks to your clever disguise.

<strong>Harry Potter Anything</strong>

Harry Potter inspired costumes are easy to make because of their ubiquity. All you really need is a black cape, a stenciled lighting bolt scar, and a wand. You can easily scrounge up these items in your house. Put them together, and you can go as Harry or your favorite character from the series. This is easy and pure Halloween fun.

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