Colorado Street Manhole Springs Seven Foot Geyser

The flooding continues in epic proportions in the front range of the state of Colorado. Over the last few days, so much rain has fallen is such a short period of time that some areas have received nearly a foot of rain in a two day period.

Manitou Springs, Colorado is a suburb of Colorado Springs. This mountain community has been especially hard hit by the recent flooding. On Friday, the flooding became so severe in Manitou Springs that the city’s underground sewage system was overwhelmed by all of the rain. This caused a massive amount of pressure to build up in the system. It had to be released somewhere, and it happened on Canyon Avenue.

Pressure from the flooded sewer caused a geyser in the street that blew a manhole cover into the air and sent filthy, black water shooting as high as seven feet into the air. Surrounding streets and buildings were innundated by the water.

While the flooding has been terrible in the Manitou Springs area, Boulder, Colorado has seen the worst of the flooding. Flood waters have swept away many trailers in a local mobile home park. So far, this flooding event has claimed the lives of at least three people.


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