Chris Christie Makes First Late Night TV Appearance Since Bridgegate

New York City, New York – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made his first return to late night television since the Bridgegate scandal threatened to engulf his governorship earlier this year. The scandal involved aides close to the governor closing the George Washington bridge and causing hefty traffic delays to Fort Lee, New Jersey as political payback for the city’s mayor Mark Sokolich for failing to endorse Christie in his successful reelection as governor. For his part, Christie denied any knowledge or involvement in the scandal. Nevertheless, he has kept a low profile in the media since that time.

The low profile ended this week with his appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The portly governor, who has 2016 presidential aspirations, largely skirted any discussion of sensitive subjects. For instance, he did not address the Bridegate Scandal, the landslide defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the GOP primary to a little known Tea Party candidate whom he outspent by roughly 40:1. Nor did he discuss his weight and what impact that might have on voters. Fallon did ask him if he was confident he could beat Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat nominee for 2016, and he resoundingly answered yes. Afterwards, he clarified that he was referring to a dance off between her.

Governor Christie did perform a dance of sorts about how fathers dance at parties for their children. Whether it was humorous is a matter of opinion. Left Wing blog sites have responded critically of Christie. Governor Christie may perform well in the general election given his moderate views as a GOP governor from a deeply blue state. He would likely be the first GOP candidate to carry New Jersey since George H.W. Bush in 1988. His big problem will be winning over the Tea Party and Conservatives for the GOP nomination. The latter coalitions view him with distrust.

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