Bynes Threatens to Sue Everybody over latest Drug Arrest

Wondering what the newest Twitter Tweet is from Amanda Bynes? Per Bynes: “I’m suing everybody.” No one is safe from the vitriolic tirade and this includes journalists, magazines, police, her family and anyone else that she can possibly point out.

It seems that any time this NY resident gets into trouble it is always on account of someone else. It appears that bad luck is dogging her every footstep. Apparently she is planning to sue anybody and everybody who is associated with her most recent arrest. Bynes went on a Twitter rampage and had to utilized a special app service to get her long-winded rant out in a public forum.

People are increasingly beginning to worry that she is spiraling out of control, and this latest episode for drug possession and reckless endangerment are just further proof of her problems. In the past the former actress has also threatened to sue “US Weekly” for an unflattering article profiling her mental status. Now Bynes is on the warpath again and insists that she has enough cause to bring multiple lawsuits to the table.

She wants to sue NYPD for an illegal arrest and unlawful confinement in a mental hospital setting. Bynes insists that the police lied about her use of drugs; possession of drugs and mental/emotional status. She also says that all charges were bogus and the police used illegal entry to gain access to her apartment.

It should also be mentioned that Bynes is threatening a lawsuit against one of the NYPD cops. According to Amanda the officer “slapped my vagina”. Really? How would an officer even begin to accomplish this type of action? This could be just more drama that is being dreamed up by the former Disney star, but NYPD has gone ahead and launched a full scale investigation to see if there is any merit to the accusations. Amanda is getting the publicity that she most definitely craves during her self-imposed Hollywood retirement.

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