Boy 4 Killed by Dogs

Saturday night around 10:30 PM, a four-year old boy was found dead in his aunt and uncle’s front yard, while the adults were in the bedroom talking. The toddler’s mother, Stephanie Groulx said she went to talk with her aunt, and uncle in the bedroom. The child, Logan Shepard was left sitting on the porch eating an ice cream cone. Reports say the uncle, Billy Fredericks put the two dogs in their crates before Logan, and his mother arrived. No one knows what happened. The dogs got out of the crate, and little Logan was able to get out the house, and into the fence. The adults heard the little boy’s screams, but they were too late. One family member told a local news station, “If we could all foresee what could happen in the next 20 minutes there wouldn’t be tragedy.”

The attack in Riverview, Florida has left the neighborhood nervous and apprehensive. “Total tragedy,” said Leslie Carl Sprang who lives close to the incident. Another neighbor, Ms. Ramos said she’s worried about her own kids walking down the street now with all the dogs in the neighborhood. The two dogs were euthanized on Sunday. No charges have been filed against the mother, or aunt and uncle.

Reports of pit bull have grown in the past fifteen to twenty years. As these breeds grow in popularity, so do the news reports. When someone says pit bull, the words aggressive, attacker and fighter come to mind. Breeding and training are the two theories behind the growing attacks. The term “pit bull” is a generic term the public uses. Various types of American terriers exist, and are unfairly labeled.

Others, especially owners and trainers regard “pit bulls” as trustworthy and stable. But, they would agree that any dog trained to attack and bully other animals, may be a danger to children, adults and other animals.

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