Angelina Jolie Explains What Happened in the Red Carpet Attack of Brad Pitt

New York City, New York – The US premier of Disney’s latest take on the classic story of sleeping beauty called “Maleficent” starring Angelina Jolie got off to a rocky start. Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt were on hand for the event. Naturally, Pitt, whose star power remains strong following the hugely successful “World War Z”, was signing autographs for fans while on the red carpet when he was struck in the face in an apparent attack. Tabloids have been rife with stories about what happened.

In response, Angelina Jolie has set the record straight. She explained that as Pitt was busy signing autographs for his fans, a man jumped the rail and lunged at him. The man was Vitali Sediuk, a Ukrainian native. He came at Pitt who only caught a glimpse of him from the corner of his eye. The man latched hold of him and motioned as if to put his face in the actor’s nether region. Pitt popped him on the back of the head twice. In his view, he didn’t strike Sediuk sufficient to cause injury, but to ward him off.

The man held onto Pitt’s lapels and eventually pulled off his glasses as security personnel dragged him away. For his part, Sediuk claims that all he wanted to do was kiss the handsome actor. Understandably, there were a lot of people in the audience that would want to do that as well, but Sediuk crossed the line. As for how Hollywood’s darlings will deal with the matter, they are circumspect. They will not be increasing their security detail as they view the incident as an anomaly. The film itself is poised to be tremendous success despite its big $180 million budget. With only week into its release, it has already brought in over $75 million in the US and $100 million overseas.

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