30 Shot in Chicago

Up to 30 people were shot in Chicago last weekend including two police officers. Four people among the casualties have died as a result of their injuries from the shootings.

The first victim killed in this senseless violence was Alante Vallejo. The young man was found dead Friday afternoon in Rogers Park neighborhood with injuries to his back and torso. Another 20-year-old man was shot in the incident but he was able to walk to a nearby hospital and was declared in stable condition. Later in the evening, 22-year-old Carnesha Fort was killed in West Garfield Park in what is believed to be a domestic dispute.

In Saturday morning, Brian Weekly, 18, and an unidentified 20-year-old man were found shot in an alleyway. Weekly eventually succumbed to his wounds while the unidentified victims is still in critical condition.

A 35-year-old man was the last fatality of this tragedy. The victim was killed last Saturday night and was found with multiple gunshot wounds.

Two police officers would also be injured from gunfire after exchanging gunshots with a man and a woman. The incident started as a routine stop but when the officers tried approaching the vehicle, the suspects shot at them. Both of the suspects were injured in the ensuing shootout and were eventually arrested. One of the suspects was identified as Mike Shabazz, 29, who faces five counts of attempted murder. One of the injured officers had undergone surgery and was declared out of danger. The other officer was uninjured after being shot in his bullet-proof vest.

As the weekend came to a close, only the suspects in the officer shooting had been arrested. All other suspects in the other shooting cases still remain at large. Though most of the incidents were unrelated to one another, ranging from gang violence to domestic dispute, this only highlights the increasing gun violence in the area.


29 Shot In Chicago Over Weekend: 2 Officers Among The Injured

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