Race at the Heart of Bob Beckel’s On-Air Flip-Off of Co-Anchor

The outcome of a heated debate between news personalities about “race-baiting” ended with Bob Beckel showing his co-anchor, Jesse Watters how much he valued his opinion. Watters accused the Democratic Party of using race to convince voters not to vote Republican. Afro-American voters routinely choose Democrats. Another co-host, Kimberly Guilfoyle commented that the rhetoric doesn’t bring Americans together. Beckel appeared agitated as he pointed out that Democrats James Clyburn, representative from South Carolina, and Charlie Rangel, representative from New York, made racial comments about Republican in the south being racist and that Tim Scott of South Carolina is the first African-American senator from the south to claim a Senate seat since Reconstruction. Beckel replied that these remarks were not made by anyone representing the Democratic Party. Watters asked Beckel if any white Democrats were denouncing their rhetoric, because he hadn’t heard any. Beckel replied that he was. Watters’ next pointed out that Beckel was not a leader. This earned the flip-off response from Beckel that is now all over the internet and recounted in video.
Maybe the trouble is that Tuesday’s election results is seen as a partisan message from voters, rather than voters hope for positive change, the Republican Party winning seven seats as evidence. Some say that it is a sign that the Democratic Coalition that put Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to work for this country is falling apart, crumbling. Is it only one party that decides the fate of the nation? Hillary Clinton, a Democrat from Arkansas, is an elected Republican New York Senator. The American people may be more interested in who will do the best job rather than their political affiliations. President Obama’s campaign of Hope in 2008 united a nation and hope for a better economic future may explain the new Republican majority.


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