1,000 Day Immigrants

Immigration is a highly controversial subject, which is impacting the lives of immigrant families and children at the border. So severe is the humanitarian crisis that President Obama recently asked Congress to approve $3.8 in emergency humanitarian crisis funds to address the needs of thousands of children. Not everyone is thrilled about the humanitarian plan, however, as it is seen as far too expensive at as much as $1,000 an immigrant child, per bed.

There are currently 57,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children from Central America that were caught entering the country just since last October. The emergency crisis funds President Obama requested includes 1.8 billion to be allotted to the Department of Health and Human Services. That agency would be responsible for addressing the crisis.

Lawmakers are currently investigating other methods of providing not only housing, but also other services. They are trying to reduce the $250-$1,000 per day into a more affordable figure. Republicans are not convinced of this plan, and are only willing to meet President Obama half way on immigration. Immigration emergency aid is likely to be a recurring issue with more than 30,000 more children expected to be added to the current figure in coming months. That number is likely to reach as high as 145,000 by 2015. This will make whatever humanitarian crisis currently existing at the border even more severe.

Some lawmakers believe that instead of emergency funds, which are only a band-aid to the problem, what is really needed is immigration reform, especially now that the humanitarian aid problems are affecting the security and stability at the border, as well as impacting the country financially. This will only increase in time. Lawmakers point to the fact that Mexico is doing very little to deter their citizens from crossing the border, and the constant flow of illegal crossings will have no end.

$1,000 A Day For Migrants? Cost Of Border Crisis Shocks Some


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