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Kicking off the summer, Box Office results for the week of June 13th-19th have yielded a 16.4% increase in overall earnings whereas the top 12 films alone have brought in a total of $263,713,841 Dollars.

Newly released this week and securing the top two positions in the US Box Office are comedy film “22 Jump Street” and family movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2.” Sony’s “22 Jump Street” was released in 3,306 theaters and earned $82,450,130 Dollars in its first week, successfully surpassing its $50 million Dollar budget. With a budget of $145 million Dollars, Fox studio’s sequel, “How to Train Your Dragon 2” yielded $69,876,735 Dollars after being released in 4,253 theaters, bringing this new summer release in at number two this week.

Running its third week, Buena Vista’s “Maleficent” ranks third with a weekly earning of $28,452,036, and an overall gross of $172,968,568 Dollars. The film has dropped 43.8% of its earnings, and still remains below the 180 million Dollar budget spent on the film.

Ranking fourth and fifth at the Box office, Fox’s “The Fault in Our Stars,” and Warner Bros’ “The Edge of Tomorrow” have both decreased in their earnings from last week. Earning $24,153,066 this week, a 63.4% decrease from last week’s earnings, “The Fault in Our Stars” remains at number four after having grossed $90,128,333 Dollars in the past two weeks, successfully surpassing its $12 million Dollar budget. Earning $23,697,010 in its week, “The Edge of Tomorrow” has grossed a total of $64,171,493 in spite of its $178 million Dollar Budget.

The last film to yield over $10 million Dollars this week at number six is Fox’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” bringing in a total of $14,154,089 Dollars in its fourth week. The film’s total gross has reached $210,594,250 Dollars, just slightly above its $200 million Dollar Budget.

All bringing in under five million Dollars this week, the Film Godzilla (2014) came in seventh place, Universal Studio’s “A Million Ways to Die in the West” and “Neighbors” came in at number eight and number nine, “Chef” came in at number ten, “Blended” at number eleven, and barely reaching a million and a half Dollars this week, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” came in at number twelve.

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