Two Fat Ladies Cook Passes Away at Age 66

The eclectic BBC cooking series known as “Two Fat Ladies” ran from 1996 to 1999. The short mini-series consisted of six episodes of cooking lessons from the corpulent Englishwomen known as Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright. The two ladies traveled the country often on a motorcycle in search of hearty recipes.

Mrs. Paterson died in July of 1999 due to the development of an aggressive form of lung cancer which claimed her life one month after it was diagnosed. Her passing away marked the end of the series. Now, her counterpart, Clarissa Dickson Wright passed away at the age of 66. She had been receiving care at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh when she died this past Saturday.

The feisty Brit was beloved by fans both for her acceptance of herself as she is as for her candor. When asked if she was comfortable with the name of her show, she quipped that it was fine explaining that since she was a fat woman, it was fine to call her one. She believed in calling things as they are and not sugar coating words. Her friends and family thought highly of her which is the most sincere praise there is to achieve.

During an early stage of her life, she worked as a barrister, but quit as part of her sobriety. In her autobiography, “Spilling the Beans”, she was forthright about the extreme difficulty she had fighting off an alcohol addiction. Had she managed to live until June 24, she would have reached the milestone of 27 years sober. As for her finances, she was a free spender. She grew up in wealth and admitted that it was just not possible for her to understand the value of money. She earned well from her various endeavors, but her spending consistently got the better of her. She ended up going bankrupt thrice in her life.

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