The New Face of Mattel, Real-life Barbie Doll Alina Kovalevskaya

<strong>Alina Kovalevskaya</strong> is considered the newest “human Barbie.” She has transformed herself to mirror the famous Mattel doll, while garnering more than enough attention. Alina claims that no surgical procedures were done to alter her natural look in any way, but a debate has risen with many questioning how that is even possible.

<strong>Fresh Out of the Factory</strong>

A Ukraine native, Alina shares her nationality with Valeria Lukyanova, who was also born and raised in the same country. The two were once friends who shared the same interests in beauty and fashion. Ironically, they became rivals once fame found its way into their lives.

Alina is now enjoying the sweet limelight, but she has also met harsh backlash from many people who believe that she is a negative influence on young minds. The need for her to reach dramatic lengths to achieve this look has shaken populations.

Parents wonder how this will affect the insecurities and naive temptations in adolescents. A “flawless” look can be a toxic goal for many individuals. A growing pressure to “look like that girl” or “that celebrity” is what has caused such an uproar and worry in this matter.

<strong>The Fine Line: Has it Gone Too Far?</strong>

Alina has stated that her new complexion is not a result of insecurities or false goals. Several interviews have ended with her now signature statement, “I look like a doll, it’s as simple as that.” Alina is a psychology major who says she began to desire the Barbie look while studying the effects of beauty on the human mind. She purchased contacts to make her eyes appear larger and brighter, with high quality makeup smoothing her face for a finished look. Sounds simple enough, but the finished result is a dramatic change from her natural state.

Alina has no regrets in regards to her lifestyle change. She says she lives a happy and full life, aside from the criticism. The debate is strong, however. A large group of individuals view it as inspiring, but the majority will agree that this is one step too far for beauty.


Meet the New Human Barbie Who Claims She’s Never Had Surgery!

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