The Future iOS 8

The new iOS 8 operating system will spread a new light of success on future Apple products even including wearables. The software will have a huge focus on everyday tasks and personal monitoring. The iOS 8 software will improve the speed and convenience of existing tasks. This gives us hints on what kind of products will be created by Apple in the upcoming future. The big question is, how will the new iPhone 6 and iWatch work with this new operating system? Everyone wants to know.

Rumors say that Apple is producing the iWatch which will also be a fitness band. Although Apple has not confirmed this rumor, they would be smart to go through with it as this industry is taking a huge focus on smartwatches and fitness bands. We can only speculate, but iOS 8 does have a new health and fitness app called HealthKit, which would seem to go perfectly with the iWatch/fitness band. We do know that the app is going to work on non Apple wearables so it would be fair to make this a part of the iWatch.

Another new amazing app that the iOS 8 operating system will introduce is HomeKit. This app will allow you to control all of your smart home appliances directly from your Apple device. iOS 8 will now offer iCloud Drive and a Continuity feature. iCloud Drive will let you edit and work on any document on any of your apple devices and Windows PC as well. This is a new look into education and work using Apple devices. The Continuity feature will let an individual create a document on one apple device and open it up and finish it on another apple device. Wouldn’t it be great if the new iPhone 6 had these features on it? Even the current iPhone 5’s TouchID will be integrated better with the iOS 8 and it will bring better keyboard updates that learn from the way you type. All in all, Apple has an exciting future, bringing the iOS 8 software.

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