Stepmother Found Guilty in Starvation Death of Her 10-year-old Stepson

Dallas, Texas – Prosecutors made a strong case that Mrs. Elizabeth Ramsey, age 33, was jointly responsible for the starvation death of her 10-year-old stepson back in 2011. Her husband is already in a state prison where he is serving the remainder of his life for the murder of his son. For her part, the jury wasted no time in handing down a guilty verdict. It only took them 60 minutes to reach the decision. Mrs. Ramsey now faces the sentencing phase which will ultimately determine if she too will join her husband in a life sentence.

The couple took deep offense at the 10-year-old boy following an act of violence where he socked his stepmother in the stomach during her pregnancy. She later miscarried the child. If anyone has ever gone through the experience of a miscarriage, it is a deeply trying emotional experience. In the Ramsey’s case, they disciplined the boy on 19th century prison diet of bread and water. Maybe a single meal would have sufficed, but it was the only diet he was afforded. The lack of nutrition took its toll on the boy’s body and he passed away sometime in 2011. The couple dealt this death by discarding his body in a creek in a rural area south of Dallas.

However, the boy’s remains were discovered roughly 12 months later and an investigation commenced. Mrs. Ramsey tried a self-preservation ploy by laying the blame on her now-convicted husband. She claimed that he prevented her from reporting the child abuse to authorities. It did not sway the jury who understood there were many options available to her other than to comply with starving the child. Nor did it help matters that the prosecution made the case that Mrs. Ramsey was never pregnant. The whole story of the boy provoking the excessive diet by striking his step-mother to induce a miscarriage formed a key part of her defense strategy.

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