Staind Singer Stuffs It on the US National Anthem for World Series Game 5

San Francisco, California – Rock band Staind’s lead singer Aaron Lewis screwed the proverbial pooch this past Sunday during his performance of the United States national anthem “The Star Spangled Banner”. Lewis got mixed up during the part of the song which reads “”were so gallantly streaming” and instead sang “at the twilight’s last gleaming”. However, he absolutely meant no disrespect to the nation nor the national anthem. The game, televised nationwide, was seen by millions. In response, he has issued an apology to every American for his mistake. In addition, he affirmed his love for the country and attributed his memory lapse to stage jitters.

In all likelihood, Americans have graciously accepted his apology. It’s not the first time the jitters have gotten to seasoned entertainers. With his mistake, Lewis now stands in good company. Last year, venerable singer James “Sweet Baby James” Taylor flubbed it big time when he began singing “America the Beautiful” before quickly correcting himself. However, Lewis’ incident was somewhat ironic because he had severely castigated Christina Aguilera three years ago for her mistake with the national anthem. He was personally disgusted with alterations she made to the song describing her class of self-obsession with a word that rhymes with “trucking”. That said, he’s not the first person who has had to eat their own words, eat humble pie, or be guilty of hypocrisy. It truly happens to all of us.

Despite his obvious flub with anthem, he is still far ahead of Rosanne Barr’s infamous and intentionally sacrilegious rendition of the national anthem during a regularly season game of the San Diego Padres back in 1990. Her song drew strong audience rejection and rebuke by the president of the United States. She was absolutely unrepentant at the time. While others have make mistakes with the anthem, she make it clear that it was a mistake to have invited her to sing the song.

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