SNL’s Bill Hader Displeased by Justin Bieber’s Appearance on the Show

New York City, New York – Comedian and celebrity impersonator Bill Hader was interviewed as part of the book “Live From New York: An Uncensored History Of Saturday Night Live”. The text chronicles the experiences of co-stars from the venerable comedy show regarding their encounters with big name celebrity guests. Hader relates what it was like to work alongside 20-year-old Justin Bieber, and he wasn’t very keen on the lad. Not every celebrity has the nicest reputation, but Hader has found that working up close with them often reveals a side of them quite different from the gossip. That was not the case with the young Canadian heartthrob.

Hader explained that the Bieber actually lived up to the bad reputation he carries. Aside from the fact that Bieber acted his shoe size rather than his age, he brought upwards of twenty people with him to the engagement. Hader said that Bieber was in full diva mode with one person holding a soda pop for him and another holding a slice of pizza. For his part, Bieber boasted that he was just like Justin Timberlake. However, Hader recalls that Timberlake showed up for his SNL appearance all by himself and was fun to work with. Bieber had to press his way forward through the throng of enablers he brought along with him just to get to the dressing room.

Fellow SNL co-star Kate McKinnon revealed that the Biebs was not sweet on her rendition of him. While he did not openly dislike it, he made it clear to her that her performance displeased him. Hader’s comments mark the second time that he has openly criticized Bieber referring to him as behaving childish. Bieber’s antics have been catching up with him as of late. Recently, he nearly got into a scuffle with English actor Orlando Bloom at a night club in Nice, France.

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