Professor Finds Erroneous Bank of Canada Description for the New $10 Bill

Toronto, Ontario – Professor Hitesh Doshi of the University of Ryerson really enjoyed a family vacation to see the Angel Glacier during a hike up Mount Edith Cavell. For him it was an epiphany etched into this memory. This is why he quickly noticed something amiss with the Bank of Canada’s description for its new $10 bill made of polymers. The description indicated the mountain range on the back side of the bill featured Pyramid Mountain, Palisades Mountain, Mount Marmot, Mount Zengel and Edith Cavell Peak all on the left side of the bill.

However, Professor Doshi immediately knew the description was incorrect. He had been to the actual mountains and knew that Edith Cavall Peak was not in that particular scene. The professor did his due diligence and notified the bank of the incorrect description for the note. They responded back to him, but informed him that they lacked the knowledge to address his concern. Not content with their response, he scanned a copy of the note along with a request to Bank officials to identify each of the mountains featured in the bill. The bank responded once more and this time stated they were not in a position to make specific statements about the bill.

Last week, he received an e-mail reply from the bank stating they acknowledged the error in their previous description. The mountains are now correctly described as being Redan, Esplanade and Gargoyle in the centre along with Mount Zengel on the right. The description of the bills has been updated on the Bank of Canada’s website. It should be noted that there never was anything wrong with the $10 bill itself. The error was in the description the bank offered of the note. The bank attributes the original mistake to incorrect documentation of the mountains. It is not clear if they thanked Professor Doshi for his tenacity in getting the error corrected.

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