Nursing Home Faces Hefty Lawsuit Over Stripper Party

Long Island, New York – The male exotic dancer might only have been paid $250 to shake his thing at the residents of West Babylon’s East Neck Nursing Centre residential nursing home, but in the end it may cost them in excess of $10 million. This is because the son of an 85-year-old devout Baptist woman believes his mother was defiled. Just how was this abstinent Christian brought down low to the depths of Babylonian lasciviousness? It turns out that it happened as a result of the panel of residents at the facility.

The suggestion was made to hire a male stripper quite likely to spice things up and make the women feel alive again. The select panel of residents voted in favor of bringing in an exotic dancer. It was then that the facility paid for the stripper and made arrangements for his arrival. On the day of the event, the dancer did his thing. Bernice Youngblood subsequently did her thing was which was to tip him with folded bills carefully inserted on the elastic strap of his underwear. For the privilege, he carefully placed his manhood up close and personal for her.

When Mrs. Youngblood’s son arrived for a regular visit, he saw the Polaroid picture of his upright and saintly mother engaging in a measure of adult fun and did not react very well to the news. For her part, Mrs. Youngblood says she really didn’t know what was going on, but it may be she feels ashamed. Regardless, her son has filed a seven-figure lawsuit seeking pain and damages for the defilement his mother endured. The legal counsel for the nursing home says this is much ado about nothing as she is an adult. In short, they are telling Mr. Youngblood to get over it. It is unclear what the outcome of the lawsuit will be.

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