Netflix Slowly Rolls Out 4k Streams

Los Gatos, California – Internet streaming giant Netflix has announced that a select few programs are available for streaming using the Ultra HD quality streaming process called 4k. However, not everyone will be able to see this improved video content. First off, a person will need a 4k compatible TV. In addition, the 4k TV has to be use the H.265/HEVC decoder which is non-propriety. It bears mentioning that not all 4k televisions are created equal. Some, like Sony’s and Samsung’s 4k video players are proprietary. (Why does anyone still try and play the proprietary game in this day and age?)

People who like to be on the cutting edge of technology and bought 4k televisions last year will find themselves on the bleeding edge because those TVs won’t be able to watch Netflix’s 4k content. Neither will they be able to watch that same content from Fox, Comcast, and Amazon when they roll theirs out in the coming weeks and months. That is bad news for those customers and the television manufacturers who sold them high-end limited-use technology.

Besides a 4k television, a person will need high speed internet capable of download speeds of 15.6 Mb/s just for the video stream alone. Garden variety DSL connections aren’t capable of meeting that kind of throughput. Cable modems can hit those speeds. For now, Netflix has very limited content at 4k quality which is a step closer towards the ideal uncompressed HD quality. If anyone has ever watched television programming via digital HD rabbit ears on their television knows, uncompressed HD looks just like what the naked eye sees in day to day life. For now, the popular show “House of Cards” is available in 4k along with some “tosser” documentaries that no one is much interested in watching other than to see 4k content for the sake of watching 4k content.

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