Netflix Almost Announces New Animated Series For Sonic

SEGA’s mascot, Sonic, seems to be in top form at the moment, especially with the highlight through a film, then more recently with the publisher’s 60th birthday fast approaching. So what could be better than teaming up with a streaming giant like Netflix to produce an animated series?

It was a little too early

It’s on the Netflix Twitter account that it happens, with a tweet announcing the arrival in 2022 of a 3D animated series from Sonic The Hedgehog in collaboration with WildBrain and Man of Action Entertainment.

Man of Action Entertainment is best known for taking care of shows like Ben 10, Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-man, Marvel’s Avengers: Assemble, as well as Inspector Gadget. While WildBrain is best known for Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego or Snoopy in Space on Apple TV.

Except that SEGA has since turned around and deleted the famous announcement tweet. No information on the deletion of the message has leaked since. We can assume that this was done a little too early, especially since the series is expected for 2022. In any case, now everyone is aware and remains to await further details.

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