Molly Ringwald’s Daughter Poses Next to Poster of Her Mother

Actress Molly Ringwald will forever be known as the foremost of the 80s teen stars collectively called the “Brat Pack” which included Demi Moore, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, and Rob Lowe. Apparently, it is a shadow that is cast on her daughter that just has to be accepted as a fact of life. This was evident while the 46-year-old actress was at the local Target store doing back to school shopping for her 11-year-old daughter Mathilda. During their rounds through the clothing and school supply aisles, they came across a DVD bin with a poster of Ringwald from the John Carpenter hit film “Sixteen Candles”.

In a moment of inspiration, Ringwald had her daughter pose alongside her image striking the same pose. It was an endearing photograph which Ringwald shared with her fans by tweeting it. She also added a caption explaining that even at the Target, her daughter can’t avoid her mother’s shadow. As for the photograph itself, Mathilda does bear a striking resemblance to her mother. This is most notable in her ears, forehead, eyebrows, and slender face.

In the years following Ringwald’s three biggest commercial successes “Sixteen Candles”, “The Breakfast Club”, and “Pretty in Pink”, Ringwald was unable to carry over her success into adulthood. This is likely owing to the fact that she declined roles in two key movies that could have catapulted her fame: “Pretty Woman” and “Ghost”. Both films grossed roughly half a billion dollars at the box office which was roughly 5x what her “Brat Pack” films grossed combined. That said, she has maintained a steady stream of acting roles which is more than most minstrels ever achieve. She will be co-starring in the film “Jem: the Movie” which is a big screen adaption of the 80s animated TV series “Jem”. The film’s director Jon M. Chu expressed his pleasure over having an actress with her gravitas as part of the cast.

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