Meet Mario Götze’s Beautiful Girlfriend Ann Kathrin Brommel

Mario Götze is at on top of the world right now following the long goal in the world cup final that put Germany over Argentina 1-0. Right so, he proclaimed that the German team would be having a grand celebration in Rio de Janeiro following the team’s victory. Fans watching the game noticed how after Götze returned to the sidelines, he was given a tender and passionate kiss by a lovely lady. It turns out that she is 24-year-old Ann Kathrin Brömmel, a lingerie model and blogger.

From the myriad of picture coming surfacing, it appears that Brömmel is getting an internet based casting call to ad agencies. The tall tanned beauty has long legs which are evident in her photographs. However, she’s no airhead. Her blog makes it obvious she’s well read. In fact, she’s read all of the Harry Potter novels and the works of American contemporary poet James Arthur to name a few. She and Götze have been dating for over two years since they met in a night club in 2012. As raw talent goes, she can play the piano as well. Apparently, she can also sing as she’s had three years of voice lessons. In addition, she is a college graduate.

As for modeling, she’s been doing that ever since she was 16. In some respects, it’s a wonder she hasn’t already scored a lucrative modeling contract. On her blog, she mentions that she is also working on her singing career and has released two singles. The first was called “This is Me” and the last one to date was “Body Language”. One thing is evident from Ms. Brömmel and that is she is independent, driven, talented and intelligent. How many people dream of modeling or pursuing a music career and dare take a stab at it? This young woman already done that which portends to a bright future ahead of her.

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