Madonna Takes a Shot at Lady Gaga with New Song

While gearing up for her 13th solo album, Madonna has been sure to express herself by writing up to 50 songs to choose from for this latest collection. A couple of these songs, which may not even make it to the final track listing for her new album, take some pretty mean swipes at the popular artist, Lady Gaga, as well as Madonna´s ex-husband, film director Guy Ritchie.

Lyrics from one of the 56-year-old star´s new songs, ¨Two Steps Behind Me¨ were leaked online recently, making it apparent that her vendetta against 28-year-old pop artist, Lady Gaga, is still going strong. Sources claim that the song is definitely about Lady Gaga, which is not very difficult to infer when hearing the lyrics. With descriptions such as ¨copycat¨ and ¨wannabe,¨ and statements like ¨stealing my recipe, it´s an ugly look,¨ it is pretty clear that Madonna is lashing out at Lady Gaga for her performance and style antics that are so reminiscent of Madonna´s own.

It has been a controversy in the past few years that a couple of Lady Gaga´s hit songs, ¨Born This Way¨ and ¨Applause,¨ sound remarkably similar to two of Madonna´s historical hits, ¨Express Yourself¨ and ¨Girl Gone Wild.¨ Whether this is Lady Gaga´s way of expressing honor towards the person who inspired her or just a coincidence, Madonna isn´t taking it as a compliment, nor is she taking it lightly if her latest lyrics are any indication.

It is unclear when this new album, the name of which has yet to be released, will be put out. But some sources are buzzing that it could be as early as this November that Madonna begins dropping the new tracks. Fans of either pop stars will just have to hold their breaths and wait for the next big blow-up.

Madonna slams “copycat” Lady Gaga in new song lyrics

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