Lorri Davis Explains How Her Romance with Death Row Inmate Blossomed Into Marriage and Freedom

New York City, New York – From the recently acquired apartment where Lorri Davis and her husband of 15 years, Damien Echols, are building up a life together, she shares how she fell in love with and married a death row inmate. It goes without saying that many would judge her as being delusional for marrying a man convicted of murdering a child. Regardless of what others may think and say, the love letters between them provide insights into what has become a tale of triumph over adversity.

Davis explained that she first learned about the man she would later marry while watching a documentary about the trial and murder conviction that he and two other men received. All three men were sentenced to death. The documentary, “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills”, pokes holes in the lack of evidence and provincial mindset that propelled prosecutors on a rush to judgment that led to their convictions. She wrote her first letter to Echols shortly thereafter and to her surprise, he wrote back. The congenial tone of their letters eventually blossomed into a romance. She quit her lucrative job and moved to Little Rock, Arkansas to be closer to him.

Two years of daily visits culminated in a marriage. She eventually let her parents know about the relationship and they nervously agreed to meet her fiancé in prison. It would take 12 years of marriage and multiple appeals before her husband and the two other men convicted would be declared innocent under a ruling that also acknowledged they were initially convicted on sufficient evidence. By that time, he had spent 18 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, they have been living happily for three years. Adversity is never easy to face, but going through it with a loved one proves the bonds of the love are true. How many other men can say their women would stand by them in such a way?

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