LeBron James Inspired by His Absent Father

LeBron James is arguably the best player in the NBA in a post-Michael Jordan era. He is happily married to Savannah Brinson whom he has known since high school. They have two sons LeBron James, Jr. and Bryce Maximus James. LeBron is actively involved in the lives of his sons and considers himself a hands-on type of father. In fact, he takes a very hands-on approach to every undertaking in his life. The 6’8″ forward from Akron, Ohio, has something that motivates profoundly and has helped shape him into the person he is.

James’ motivation is his father. It’s not that he has fond memories of his father spending time with him and showing him how to be a man. He father was absent in his life and he has never met him. This led him to be a better person and has paid off on the court where he has been a four-time league Most Valuable Player (MVP). It is certainly making a difference in his personal life where it matters most. He won’t always be an NBA star, but he will always have his family with him.

Earlier in the year, James posted a special open thank you letter to his unknown father. In the letter, he explained to the man he has never known that he became a fuel for real growth. He used the absence of his father to drive him to excel. He openly opined if he would be nurturing a family environment where people are allowed to grow and become who they want to be if he had been blessed with a traditional two-parent family, sisters, a pooch and a picket fence. It’s hard to second guess what life would be like under second circumstances, but he certainly knows how things turned out for him as a result of how things actually played out.

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