Kesha Claims Abuse

The scandalous pop singer Kesha claimed earlier this month that part of her problems were to be blamed on long time producer Dr. Luke and the sexual and verbal abuse she suffered at his hands. The singer alleges that Dr. Luke drugged her to the point that she nearly died, forced her to snort illegal drugs, then while drugged he forced her to have sexual with him.
Kesha claims that this happened on multiple occasions and that he was also physically and verbally abusive; telling her that she was fat and unattractive. Kesha also claims that he forced her to drink, then gave her “sober pills.” She alleges that she woke up the next morning naked in his bed with no recollection of what happened the night before. The suit claims that the pills were later proven to be GHB, the popular date rape drug.
Dr. Luke on the other hand claims that all allegations are false and that Kesha is simply lashing out against him for no reason. He claims that not only is she defaming his character, she is also in breach of her contract that she currently holds with the producer. Kehsa’s response is to claim that the producer forced her into a one sided contract, from which he was the main beneficiary, and that he forced her to sing lyrics and content that she did not want to. He claims however that he simply edited the content to make it appear that she sang it.
Kesha also claims that at one point during her time as an artist with him, he attacked her at his home in Malibu prompting her to run from the home barefoot and scared down the Pacific Coast Highway. This lawsuit is on the tails of Kesha leaving an Illinois rehab facility in which she said she realized that her life and happiness were more important that a contract.


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