Katie Holmes Bares it All for Glamour Magazine

The 35 year old Dawson’s Creek star was seen looking ravishing and wearing just high waist denims on the cover of Glamour’s August issue. She was on a break from acting, staying at home to take care of her 8 year old daughter Suri Cruise. However, she is back in action now and reveals all, which include dating, motherhood, and work, to Glamour magazine. So, if you thought the gorgeous cover was all there was, you are wrong. Zac Posen, who is a fashion designer and close friend of Katie, interviewed her for the issue.

The topless pictures have come from Katie in the past, but the ones in this issue of glamour seem to outdo everything else. Sporting basic jewelry such as Cartier bracelet and Hirotka earrings, Berge belt, no makeup, chic high waist jeans echoing the back-to-90s sentiment, and a stunning pose, Katie Holmes looks ravishing. She manages to bag the hottest mom award easily. When asked about her dating life, Katie reveals that it is not a current priority for her because motherhood and her career are the focal points in her life right now. She goes on to talk about how motherhood has influenced her so much.

Talking about work and by extension, Meryl Streep, Katie reveals that like everyone else, she was starstruck by the talented and amazing actress. Like so many others, Katie always dreamt of working with the industry veteran, and it was difficult to hold back excitement when the cameras started rolling and Meryl Streep, awesome that she is, floored everyone with her pro performance. Katie also mentions how thrilled she still feels about the fact that she got to work with a star of Meryl Streep’s class and talent.

July 15 is when newsstands everywhere get this issue of Glamour, and there is no doubt that it is going to be another success for Katie.

Ref: http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/07/08/katie-holmes-topless-picture-glamour-2014-cover-interview-dating/

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