Johny Depp Would Have 100 More Children

Johnny Depp is now 50 and has likely received his application to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). He can now ask for senior citizen discount rates at hotels and restaurants across the country. He also has a young and very attractive fiancée in 27-year-old Amber Heard of Austin, Texas. Depp was asked about his desire to father more children and he revealed a very warm-hearted side to himself saying that his soon-to-be wife deserves the right to have children. He himself would have 100 love children with her if she wanted them.

Depp makes no qualms that he loves children and loves having them. By some accounts, Ms. Heard is already pregnant by Depp, but those rumors are unconfirmed. When asked about his ex-partner of 14 years, French beauty Vanessa Paradis, he was very mature in his response. He stated that their relationship ended from factors he roundly attributed to “life” happening. He added that they maintain a healthy relationship and there is nothing in their friendship that is amiss. Depp and Paradis had two children together. He said the 14 years they spent together were a wonderful period of his life. He said he and Paradis can still yuck it up just like old times.

As for his current flame, they were costars on the Indie film “The Rum Diary” and began carrying on an off-screen romance since the 2011 flick. However, it was only until 2013 that they went public with their relationship. When he met Heard, he was most impressed with her intellect which no doubt complemented her stunning beauty. His latest film, “Transcendence”, will begin airing in theaters across the nation this Friday. It marks another big budget film for Depp whose star power still smarts after the disastrous “Lone Ranger” epic flopped at the box office losing Disney Studies well over $100 million.

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