Jennifer Lopez’s Abs

Jennifer Lopez looks great, and she knows it. She was recently photographed wearing a Brown string bikini showing off her toned abs. Her BFF Leah Remini took the photographs and Lopez put them on Instagram. Lopez said she “feels 28.” The forty four year old singer, actress and dancer looks fantastic and fit.

Lopez is eating healthy and exercises routinely. She started a five week vegan diet in June, eating no meat, dairy or gluten. Eliminating these items from her diet helped her lose the stubborn 10 pounds. The Marco Borges Plan assisted her slim down from size 4 to size 2.

Food is not the only thing she used to get this svelte body, her six hour dance rehearsals are credited with the weight loss. Jennifer Lopez is not known as an exercise junkie, but the strenuous dance movies make up for any exercise moves she forgoes.

Born in the Bronx, In 1990 Jennifer Lopez got her break as a dancer on the TV show In Living Color, as a “Fly Girl.” She appeared in small parts, and acted in Mi Familia in 1995, then in Money Train of the same year. Her role as “Selena” the popular Mexican singer, who died at at a young age, is credited with getting her noticed in 1997.

Jennifer has two children. She has been married three times to Ojani Noa a dancer, 1 year, Cris Judd 2 years and Marc Anthony 10 years. Past significant partners are listed as David Cruz, Ben Affleck and rapper Sean “Puffy” Combs.

This prolific entertainer is recognized in the business and the entertainment industry as an astute business woman. She has her own clothing, accessory, and fragrance lines, television shows, and production company. Beyond entertainment, Lopez enjoyed a highly successful business career. The Lopez family has a charitable organization called The Lopez Family Foundation. This charity is aimed toward “improving the health and well-being of women and children.”

Lopez continues to look fabulous and entertain millions with her great abilities.!/people/jennifer-lopez-9542231#personal-life-in-the-headlines

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