Great Dane Has Fetish for Socks

A Great Dane was rushed to Portland’s DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital because he was nauseous, retching, and even vomiting. The owners were frantic and not sure what was wrong. X-rays were taken to help diagnose the problem and revealed the stomach contained a large amount of some type of material. The dog had eaten something that was the cause of its discomfort. However, no one could have predicted the discovery that was going to occur.

It took a 2-hour surgery to uncover the mystery. Dr. Ashley Magee removed 43 ½ socks from the dog’s stomach. Yes, you read this right! Socks of a variety of sizes were in the mix. All the socks were successfully removed from the dog’s stomach. This is the most unusual case this animal hospital has even seen, according to Shawna Harch, a spokeswoman for the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital.

This situation is so unique that the hospital submitted it along with the X-rays to the “They Ate WHAT?” contest in February. Veterinary Practice News, a vet magazine, sponsors this annual contest each year. However, the Great Dane did not win 1st place only third place and $500, as an exotic frog from Plano, Texas hopped away with the first-place prize of $1,500 for eating 30 decorative, small rocks from the bottom of its cage. Talk about the strange things animals eat here are two perfect examples. Another example is the 2nd place winner of this contest, a German shorthaired pointer for swallowing a metal skewer for shish-kabobs.

This dog had in the past shown an affinity for socks, but the owners were not aware that it was to this extent until the surgery. Staff members at DoveLewis reported that the Great Dane was sent home the next day and he is feeling much better. The owners of the dog will know where to look for their socks the next time they go missing!

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