Five Charged in Abduction of Prosecutors Father

Wake Forest, North Carolina – 49-year-old Kelvin Melton is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for violent criminal offenses that ran him afoul of some sort of three-strikes law. At such a relatively young age, he has nothing to do but blame the prosecutor for his securing his conviction. It makes sense on some level that he would want to seek revenge. However, what doesn’t make sense is why five men in their twenties would help carry out the revenge for him.

Either way, this past Sunday, the assailant’s tasered and abducted Frank Arthur Janssen, age 63, the father of the prosecutor who put Melton away for life. By Tuesday, they began texting Janssen’s wife with their exigencies by threat of torture of the elderly man should she either engage police or fail to comply. Apparently, they failed to realize that phones can be traced. Despite their claims of heading to California with Janssen stuffed in the trunk of their car, FBI agents raided the Atlanta, Georgia, apartment there were holed up in this past Thursday. Now, all five men face felony kidnapping charges and likely other charges related to the incident which cross state boundaries. This means they could conceivably face state and federal charges all for the sake of a prison convict who will never see another free day. For their participation in the crime, they could conceivably get a life sentence without the possibility of parole. Either way, they’re going to do time.

For his part, Melton was found to have his own cell phone against prison policy. However, many inmates in prisons have cell phones of their own. Just prior to authorities entering his cell, Melton blocked the entrance with objects in his room and destroyed the phone in an attempt to disavow his orchestration of the crime. The demands the kidnappers made have not been made public.

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