Drunk Driver Posts Photos on His Facebook Wall of Dead Victim’s Car

Coon Rapids, Minnesota – Michael J. Vanwagner is behaving quite cavalier about his behavior at the moment. The 24-year-old already on probation for issuing a terroristic threat which matter was adjudicated back in April. His probation conditions require that he obey the law and abstain from illegal drugs and alcohol. Sadly, that did not stop this young male “slaphead” from getting behind the wheel of a car despite having no license. He was also drunk at the time. While he was impaired driving down Hwy. 252 at 73rd avenue, he ran his car against the side of a vehicle and fled the scene of the accident. He would have likely fled the next accident when he rear ended a car, if had hadn’t totaled the vehicle he was driving also.

Unfortunately for 16-year-old Jason McCarthy, getting rear ended caused him so many internal injuries that doctors declared him medically dead being kept alive only by life support. His grieving family kept him on the machines long enough to gather together and bid farewell to the young man. He would have started the upper division of high school this fall which for many teens are the best years of high school. Curiously enough, Vanwagner’s probation hasn’t been violated yet and it most certainly should be given the DUI charge and the death of McCarthy at his hands. The senseless tragedy occurred this past Saturday.

By Tuesday, a boastful Vanwagner posted pictures of his totaled vehicle and McCarthy’s as a show of bravado. He included a caption regarding the damage he inflicted on McCarthy’s car only to learn the following morning that the teen had died. He learned of the death when officers came to arrest him. For now, he is out on bail pending the outcome of the new charges. Vanwagner is trying to deflect criticism for his offensive Facebook posts by claiming he was unaware the car he rear-ended on the highway was being driven by someone.

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