Diet Queen Fined

Nikki Haskell, aka The “Diet Queen to the Stars” was fined $60,000 by a U.S. magistrate judge in New York because she misbranded drugs to football players’ which, resulted in the players suspension from the NFL.

Nikki Haskell is a socialite who credits herself with a weight loss pill called “StarCaps.” She is a television host and appears in the New York Post’s gossip column occasionally. Her company sold the pills on the pretense that they were an “all natural supplement”. Haskell vehemently denies knowing anything else was in the pills except for natural products. The Diet Queen” says she was “completely unaware”. She has filed for Chapter 7 and has apologized to everyone involved. The bridesmaid in Ivana Trump’s last wedding said, “I am devastated,” Haskell told The New York Post, “We tried to settle. It didn’t happen. I’ve had this hanging over my head for a year and a half. I’ve thought of nothing else. It’s really taken a toll on me.”

Six NFL players from the Houston Texans, Minnesota Vikings, and the New Orleans Saints were suspended from their teams. The six players told the team and courts they had no idea that the supplements contained Bumetanide. Bumetanide is a steroid used for weight loss. The players said they had no idea this ingredient was in “StarCaps”. According to experts Bumetanide also hides the presence of other steroids or drugs.

One of the players, Jamar Nesbit of the New Orleans Saints is suing Haskell for $750,000 for lost wages and damages. Other players are sure to follow.

Everyone involved has suffered. Perhaps companies and customers should have pills they buy tested for steroids. Since professional athletes know they are not allowed to have certain substances in their body,it is up to them to protect themselves. Also, if the companies don’t want to get sued, they must make sure their products are what they advertised.

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