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We all heard the old saying, “Be careful who you go out with. They could be trouble”; that what happened to Sefer Calinak, a 62-year-old man looking for love on a Turkish dating show. On the Turkish dating show “The Luck of the Draw,” Calinak left the whole studio in shock when he revealed his secret- he was a murder. Calinak stated that he wants to change and wants to be honest with the next person, but the media say otherwise.
According to the show’s producer, Gozde Kurt he knew about his dark past before going on the show. The reason that he was allowed on the show is he had served his sentence and was a free man and didn’t see the problem. Hulya Ugur Tanriover, head of Turkey’s Media Monitoring Group, has a different opinion. According to a quote by Hurriyet newspaper a complaint should be filed against the program. Before he was allowed on the show, there should have been a criminal background check, but there wasn’t.
On the show Calinak told the host that he married his first wife at 17. She was originally his cousin and the reason that they marry is to avoid an arranged marriage to a widower. At the first the marriage was good, until she wanted to leave him for another man. He got jealous and killed her. He was sentenced for 13 years, but served at least four years.
When he got out for good behavior, he met and remarry his lover, Coquette. They had two kids together and at first the marriage was good, until things got worse. After the couple had an argument, Calinak stated that she wanted to kill him, but he accidentally killed her when he swung the ax. After serving six years in prison, he is hopeful to find love.
Calinak states that, “Despite everything, I still want to get married. This time I’ll leave it to God.” Let’s hope the third time is the charm. As for the show and the policies, it’s still under investigation.

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