Chad Johnson Show Winner Stabbing

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch was a reality show in 2010 whose winner was Rubi Pazmino. The 2010 VH1 series of the NFL star was the moment when Pazmino caught Johnson’s affections. Winning Johnson’s heart and beating 84 other women, Pazmino won the title. However, Johnson and Pazmino split up eventually and the Chicago starlet was arrested on 25th May, Sunday, after allegedly stabbing her current boyfriend. As per the report of the police, a kitchen knife was used by Pazmino with which she stabbed her boyfriend in the chest at their home in Chicago (Illinois) on Sunday (May 25th).

Johnson and Pazmino had a short lived fling and even though there was chemistry between the two, a long term romance was not on the cards as the couple broke up shortly afterwards.

According to the police who made the arrest on Sunday, a knife was used for stabbing the boyfriend in the chest. The cops reported to the Daily News that the stabbing was a result of a domestic spat between the two. The victim’s name is withheld, as of now, and he was rushed to the hospital, his condition being critical. The stab wound was reported to be 3 centimeters long and the charge on which Pazmino was booked was under aggravated domestic battery.

However, later, Pazmino was released when a bond of $90,000 was posted.
Gossip site TMZ reached Chad Johnson, who has been arrested on allegations of domestic abuse from his first wife in the past, for comment where the star said that all he remembered from their fling was good memories. He also said that when he was with Pazmino, she was a doll. He took his leave while wishing her good luck and strength in these difficult times.

It started with a verbal argument and soon turned violent, according to police, and the kitchen knife caused a deep puncture wound.


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