Celebs Who Sued: Johnny Manziel Lawsuit Actually Filed by Convicted Felon

When a person thinks of celebrities, the name Jonathan Lee Riches does not come to mind. However, in the state of Pennsylvania, his name is on a watch list of people known to file fraudulent lawsuits. Riches seems to have no better purpose to serve in life than to file frivolous lawsuits against celebrities often naming himself as the plaintiff. In a way, it’s not hard to understand why he does it. For starters, he’s very good at it and quite creative. Secondly, he has punked some notable outlets into reporting his faux lawsuits and gained some attention for himself.

His latest lawsuit named Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel who was named as the defendant in a $25 million lawsuit by Samantha Schacher who is a co-host on the HLN network’s program called “Dr. Drew On Call”. Riches, age 37, was able to file the lawsuit from prison where he is serving at least 30 months on a probation violation after having done a dime ( served 10 years in prison). The lawsuit alleges that Manziel mailed a picture of his “manhood” inside a hotdog bun to Schacher. If it were true, it would certainly added new meaning to the word “hotdog”. An inquiry into the lawsuit indicates the photograph was mailed from Trenton, New Jersey. Quite likely, Riches had someone on the outside help him get the picture off to Schacher and try and make it look like it originated from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Despite efforts by the Pennsylvania legal system to filter out his lawsuits, Riches has grown craftier in doing them in the name of other celebrities. One of the lawsuits was supposedly filed on behalf of convicted killed Jodi Arias who “alleged” that HLN’s Nancy Grace illegally obtained her mail. Anyone want to take a wild guess what TV station Riches is allowed to watch while in state prison? His Manziel lawsuit is expected to get dismissed from court as many of his previous filings.

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